Render using Cell References

Renders the selected cell by using the absolute cell references. Therefore, if a formula uses a Name that refers to a cell or range, then it is converted back into the 'A1' reference style.

Example 1: Style: Excel Buttons: x= box Ref



New Equations

With new rendered equations, the system will use the current defaults. These include all the formatting pane options and the current state of the following buttons:

Existing Equations:

Where there is an existing rendered equation for a formula, the default action is to reuse as many of the properties from the previous equation as possible, including the:

Shift Key: Press the shift-key when rendering a formula to ensure the newly rendered equation uses the default settings shown on the toolbar.

Ctrl Key: Press the ctrl-key at the same time as selecting the Cell Reference to toggle this button on/off. When permanently enabled, newly rendered equations will automatically include this rendering option alongside any other form of the equation that the user selects.

Updating: All features of any rendered equation can be changed, by selecting one or more rendered equations (or formula cell) and clicking the alternative formatting required from the toolbar.

Note: These Usage instruction apply equally to all the main Rendering buttons.

Example 1

Download the 'Example spreadsheet' and follow these steps: