Render (v5) for Windows Microsoft Excel

- revealing the magic of your calculations -

Animated Example

Document Calculations

Quickly document Excel calculations with beautiful equations that present your work clearly and consicely.


Easily Check

Audit and easily find errors with a structured view of the variables and values used in formulae.


Dependent Variables

Expand rendered equations to include dependent formulae, showing all variables that influence a calculation.


Table & Matrices

Summarise matrices or tables using international mathematical notation, with automatic recognision of column and row heading.


Key Features

  • Document spreadsheets with illustrated equations of Excel formulas.
  • Represent formula variables using cell references, names and label, or values.
  • Expand rendered equations to include dependent cells.
  • Track equation units.
  • Automatic column and row names recognision, and use of named Excel ranges and sheets names.
  • Share with anyone, even those without fxRender.
  • Customise the equation spacing, style, colour, size, font.
  • Use LaTeX mathematical markup to construct intricate labels.
  • Export portable PNG or scalable EMF images for use in reports, papers or online.
  • Search for constants or text strings hidden within formulas.
  • Integrate with the online CodeCogs Equation Editor.