Render (v5) for Windows Microsoft Excel

- revealing the logic within spreadsheet -

Animated Example

Show workings

Turn Excel formulae into graphical equations using associated labels to name variables.


Check values

Audit and check calculations, by showing the exact values of the variables used in a calculation.


Dependent Variables

Expand rendered equations to include dependent formulae, showing all variables that influence a calculation.


Table & Matrices

Summarise matrices or tables using international mathematical notation, with column and row heading recognision.


Key Features

  • Document spreadsheets with illustrated equations of Excel formulas.
  • Represent formula variables using cell references, names and label, or values.
  • Expand rendered equations to include dependent cells.
  • Track equation units.
  • Automatic column and row names recognision, and use of named Excel ranges and sheets names.
  • Share with anyone, even those without fxRender.
  • Customise the equation spacing, style, colour, size, font.
  • Use LaTeX mathematical markup to construct intricate labels.
  • Export portable PNG or scalable EMF images for use in reports, papers or online.
  • Search for constants or text strings hidden within formulas.
  • Integrated with the online CodeCogs Equation Editor.